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Allatone Inventory Mangement System

Inventory management systems are your means of organizing all the elements that go into inventory management. It's the process by which you track goods from one end to the other along your supply chain. Ensuring throughout that you know what you have, where it is, and how to manage it.

Allatone Inventory Management System - AIMS is one of the best online Inventory Mangement System, its Very cost effective solutions. Currently software used by multiple vandors. "AIMS enables you to manage business inventory in a centralised manner. All modules are interconnected so that information is available in one centralised place. Its A reliable inventory management system, it connects all the various aspects and modules of your business so you can get instant information from a single location".

Backup and Storage

Online Backup and Storage System

A cloud backup service can help to consolidate a company's backup data because the service can back up main data center storage systems, remote office servers and storage devices, and end-user devices such as laptops and tablets. Backed up data is accessible from anywhere.